The animals housed here at Parys SPCA are very well cared for and loved. The whole process and care however costs money and it is an ongoing battle to make ends meet as we rely on donations and sponsorships. Our society cannot survive without the financial support of the general public.

We are looking for individuals or businesses to commit themselves to giving a fixed amount per month, for a minimum period of one year, to sponsor a specific kennel or cattery. We have 38 dog kennels and 9 catteries.

In return we will place a sign on the kennel or cattery with the individual's or business name. You also get to choose a name for that kennel which will also be placed on the sign. You can assist us and at the same time get some publicity for your business.

The funds raised in this way will be used towards upgrading the kennels, salaries and wages for the staff, the purchasing of animal food, veterinary expenses and other day to day operational costs at the Parys SPCA. You will be kept updated on what is happening at the SPCA and receive a photo of your kennel as well as a certificate to hang up in your business. You are also welcome to visit the kennels, take the animals for walks or spend time with them.

Please contact our office and we will gladly bring you the correct forms and application to book your kennel. The minimum amount required is R100 per month for 12 months. Our number is 056 811 3671 and email:


A Will, even if you think that it's not worth it because you're not wealthy, is the best way to safeguard the future of the people and the causes you care about. Your Will may be the most important personal document you ever sign, because it governs the administration and disposal of all that you have striven for in life, when you pass away.

Without a Will, your estate is wound up and the assets distributed according to the laws of Intestate Succession. Family heirlooms and items of sentimental value may be sold in order to divide the assets. No-one outside your family will receive anything, not even your friends or the charities you have been supporting for years.

A bequest is a gift, usually to a charity, that is provided for in a Will. Many people wish to make a contribution towards the betterment of society via their favourite cause as well as providing for their family and friends.

Bequests can take the form of cash, real estate, personal property or even a percentage of an estate - either as an outright bequest or placed in trust. It is also possible to allocate the residue of your estate (i.e. whatever remains after you've made provision for your loved ones). You could even sign over an existing life insurance policy. Please consider the Parys SPCA as a beneficiary, we need your support.